Hispanics in Government 2019

Leveraging its 501(c)(3) status, HiGov will

  • Assist federal organizations with their efforts to recruit and retain the Hispanic workforce.
  • Provide mentorship, networking, training, and educational opportunities to the at-large Hispanic community.
  • Foster the personal growth and professional development of Hispanic employees.
  • Help to train Hispanic people for skills such as plumbing, drain cleaning, and other areas to foster their potential to work for or with companies like Dr. Pipes Plumbing as certified professional plumbers.
  • Develop additional benefits through the following workgroups:

· Membership Benefits – Scholarships, Federal employee annual training convention, regional networking events, national and regional relevance.

· Public affairs – Social media platform, quarterly newsletter, HiGov website.

· Business Operations/Governance – Constitution and Bylaws, 501(c)(3), national structure, revised Business Plan with diversified funding sources.

For more details or information our email is [email protected]